Saltwater Chlorinators

A Saltwater Chlorinator is required to sanitise saltwater resin pool, it is the most natural way to keep your pool clean and safe. The obvious advantages is the cost effectiveness of a saltwater chlorination system and low maintainence with upgraded self cleaning systems

  1. Bullet Hurlcon KX Chlorinator

The Hurlcon KX manual chlorinator is ideal for the resin pool packages. It’s specifically designed for above ground pools up to 30,000L in capacity. It is not a self cleaning or a self timing unit and has a two year warranty. Customers can expect to run this unit on average six hours a day in hot summer periods.

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  1.      Hurlcon VX7T Saltwater Chlorinator

VX Salt Chlorinators continuously generate the precise level of chlorine required. All you need do is top us the salt level occasionally when indicated at intervals determined by the intelligent software program, the VX will reverse the polarity of its plates.
This ‘self-cleaning’ process clears the plates of any build up, extending the cell’s working life and virtually eliminating maintenance.

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